What is a TAVI Procedure?

TAVI is an acronym for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Insertion. It is a heart procedure being used more often to help people with aortic valve problems. Occasionally a TAVI procedure can also be used to help people with pulmonary valve problems.

What is a TAVR procedure?

TAVR stands for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement. The term TAVI and TAVR are both used to describe the exact same procedure. There is no difference.

Which heart conditions are TAVI procedures used for?

A TAVI or TAVR procedure is used to help certain people with aortic valves stenosis and also can be used for pulmonary valve problems.

How long does a TAVI procedure take?

A TAVI procedure can be done with just one night in the hospital. However, a complete recovery time can be a few weeks.

What is the success rate of a TAVI operation?

The data is still coming in on this procedure with mixed results compared to open heart surgery.

Who is an ideal candidate for a TAVI heart valve replacement?

Recently TAVI procedures are being offered to more people, including low risk cases.

Where can I learn more to see if a TAVI procedure is right for me?

Contact us for a personal discussion or consultation. Our contact page is below but we are also on social media (see links on bottom of this page).