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My Story....

My name is Brian and I am a husband and father to 4 children. In April 2022, while at my home in Manitoba, Canada, I had a heart issue and was unable to stop my  heart palpitations. Medications did not work so I was admitted to the hospital and after 5 days it became apparent that my palpitations would not stop until I received surgery to fix my mitral valve. The problem in Canada was that there was a long wait for heart surgery and unless I was actually in heart failure mode, I would not be seen for months. I needed a solution as I was too young to be bed-ridden for months waiting in line. I would be losing income, family time and my heart condition would be degrading…..  click video for the rest of the story

I felt helpless in the "system"...

Good intentions were unable to resolve my heart needs in a overwhelmed medical system. I was in despair and needed help!

Waiting and waiting...

We were told that even people with scheduled appointments were often getting cancelled last minute. This means you could wait for weeks or months and still have your surgery cancelled the very morning of your surgery.

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Why Monarch?

From North to South!

Monarch butterflies make an amazing journey from Northern United States and Canada to Mexico every year. This is a journey our clients can make as well to find comfort, rest and heart related solutions.

Heart Solutions!

We strive to find the right fit for you!

Once we find out your needs, we find the right place, the right doctor and the right time for you.

We can and will setup a call for you to meet the cardiologist before you commit. Imagine being part of the decision instead of just being told when, what or if your procedure is going to happen.

We help connect clients and cardiologists!

Call us or send us a note anytime!

No More Waiting

Take your health back!
Modern Facilities

We work with modern hospitals in Puerto Vallarta and other cities in Mexico.

Exceptional Cardiologists

Reputable, caring staff that work with your specific needs.

Full Support

We also can help with travel arrangements to get you to the proper medical facility.

Best of Both Worlds

We are Canadian residents but we currently reside in Puerto Vallarta and can meet with you when you arrive.

Heart Care for Every Challenge

We have all your heart procedures needs covered!
Valve Repair

If valve repair is not an option, then choose from a variety of valve replacement options.


Ablation Procedure

Ablation procedures are becoming more common with a high success rate depending on your situation.

Pacemaker Surgery

A pacemaker is a device that is surgically implanted under the skin of the chest to mimic the electrical pulses that regulate heartbeats.

Stent Placement

A procedure mostly used when the patient has severe heart blockage, risk of a heart attack or arterial blockage. Also called coronary angioplasty.

Bypass Surgery

Heart bypass surgery, or coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery, is used to improve blood flow to your heart.


TAVI is a minimally invasive procedure where a new valve is inserted without removing the old, damaged valve.

MAZE Procedures

If you are having open heart surgery, then a MAZE procedure can “scar” your heart to help or stop atrial fibrillation.

Valve Replacement

Sometimes a Valve Repair can be done rather than a replacement which can wear out after 10 years.

Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

This can be a very convenient and effective alternative to open heart surgery.

Other Procedures

No matter your challenge, we will use all our contacts to find the right fit for you.

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Happy Stories

Creating Solutions To Help The Memories Continue!
In Canada, I was told it would be months before I could have an ablation procedure to help stop my atrial fibrillation. I was given drugs in the meantime. I didn't want my situation to degrade and get worse so with Adele's help I found the perfect cardiologist in Mexico. My surgery was done within 10 days!
Brian Z.

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